Corgentum – The Advantages of Having a Local Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence Presence

When performing hedge fund operational due diligence, an on the ground presence can make a big difference. Headquartered in the heart of the New York area’s hedge fund community, Corgentum’s local knowledge and expertise provides our firm with significant insights for managers based in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and the surrounding areas.

This local presence compliments our firm’s broader global hedge fund coverage. Corgentum conducts operational due diligence reviews of hedge funds around the world. Our practice is not limited by geography, or by any particular hedge fund strategy. Corgentum’s combination of global knowledge and local insights allows us to provide our clients with a uniquely well-rounded perspective of global hedge fund operational risk trends.

Corgentum’s proximity to New York and Connecticut allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of local operational due diligence developments. Our unique location, provides Corgentum with several advantages including:

Regional Expertise

Corgentum’s familiarity with local hedge fund service providers enhances our evaluation of the quality and appropriateness service providers

Local Knowledge

Corgentum maintains knowledge of local regulations and laws which hedge funds may be required to comply with

Community Presence

Corgentum personnel are frequent attendees and speakers at local hedge fund conferences, capital introduction and hedge fund networking events

Reduced Expenses

Corgentum’s proximity to major financial centers in New York and Connecticut allows us to significantly reduce travel costs and expenses for our clients

Ease of On-Site Hedge Fund Reviews

Our local presence facilitates Corgentum’s ability to perform on-site operational due diligence reviews of local hedge fund managers. This serves to reduce the time it takes to complete our reviews. Furthermore, by having boots on the ground, Corgentum’s clients enjoy the benefit of local expertise for on-going operational risk monitoring

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Corgentum – The Advantages of Having a Local Hedge Fund Operational Due Diligence Presence
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